Causes of Yeast Infection

By knowing yeast infection causes, you can treat your yeast infection faster and prevent them in future.

You need to remember this: whenever antibiotics are ingested, it doesn’t just kill the “bad” bacteria! It also kills the “good” bacteria!
An good example of the “Good” bacteria would be the one that fights with another bacteria that causes Yeast Infection.
Not just that, improper use of antibiotics can cause the bacteria in your body to be resistant against them in future.

So try to avoid antibiotics if possible. It is recommended to avoid taking antibiotics for the treatment of yeast infection too!

Yes, the bacteria that causes yeast infection loves sugar. Sugar can easily enter our bloodstream, therefore feeding the yeast infection bacteria. If you’re ingesting a huge amount of sugar, you can get a yeast infection easily.
Diabetic people are prone to getting yeast infection because of this.

Stress weakens your immune system and that makes you fall sick easily. And of course, if you’re under heavy stress you could get a yeast infection easily.

The 3 factors I’ve listed above are the common causes of yeast infection.
Other uncommon factors that cause yeast infection are: birth control pills, increase moisture on the area, pregnancy, ‘rough sex’, .etc.
Now that you have identified the causes, you will need to learn to get rid of yeast infection naturally.